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For theatrical_muse [January 06, 2007]
[ mood | indifferent ]

"What song best describes your life?"

AC/DC - "Problem Child"

The Gecko brothers have always been trouble, ever since they were born if you believe a word that their mother or father say but then their parents were never going to win the parents-of-the-year award.

Seth’s known violence all his life, his father used it on his mother and on the boys when they got mouthy or they did something he didn’t like. His father hit, his mother drank and cried and she was always too caught up in her own misery to see it reflected in her boys’ eyes.

No one at school did or said anything maybe because the last guy that tried got his nose broken. Seth had always been a proud boy and just because things were fucked, you didn’t accept kindness because the Gecko brothers didn’t know how.

Richie’s got problems; it doesn’t take a genius to see that. Seth knows that better than anyone which is maybe why he’s always taken care of him, or as much as he can, considering he’s never had a nurturing hand turned toward him.

As expected the Gecko brothers turn out bad.

They break the law and are pretty damn unrepentant about it, it’s not like the system has ever given a shit about them. What’s right and what’s wrong has blurred a long time ago and they just don’t care any more.

If they want something they take it and if someone gets in their way they kill them and the law men ride their ass hard but it never bothers them. Maybe it’s because they’re not afraid to die or they just don’t care, it’s hard to tell the difference.

All you can say about the Gecko brothers is that you don’t want to be standing in their way because if you are it’s guaranteed that you’re not making it home to your family alive.

Violence and dysfunction sums up Seth Gecko pretty well, he always been known as a problem child and by now it’s too late for anything to change.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 336

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For theatrical_muse [December 16, 2006]
[ mood | amused ]

What is your worst quality as a significant other?

You’re kidding me, right?

Oh …okay so you’re not so I’ll say this real simple so even the most moronic of you fucking idiots can understand: I don’t do relationships and even if I did? I wouldn’t give a shit about my faults.

People are flawed; it’s what makes us all so fucking twisted because we all are one way or another.

The neighbour next door? Probably jacks off to sub/dom porn in his basement. The priest at the local church? Probably harbouring some feelings for a young boy in his choir. The guy who delivers your post? Probably reads your shit and steals things.

People are twisted fucks, some are just better at hiding it than others and everybody’s looking for someone to complete them because the media would have us believe that we can’t get by on our own.

It’s a load of bullshit, all of it, love is for people with nothing better to do with their time.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 161

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For theatrical_muse [December 10, 2006]
[ mood | bitchy ]

"Seth Gecko Vs the Stupidity of Youth; It’s war! Describe yourself fighting against the Stupidity of Youth"

He’s been inside three years now and he’s seen his fair share of idiots traipsing through his cell but this one right here takes the absolute fucking crown.

He’s twenty two maybe pushing twenty three with a fuck load of chicken scratches that’s he’s trying pass off as tattoos and an obvious chip on his shoulder. Thinks he’s the man because he beat some kid half his age up to within an inch of his life.

Seth’s been there, done that, and he’s got the fucking record to prove it.

He doesn’t need this shit and he especially doesn’t need this kid to start pushing up on him, trying to exert his dominance when let’s face it he’s barking up the wrong tree.

Seth just smiles, real sweet and misleading, then catches the scruff of hair that this kid is calling a beard and uses it to drive his fist into a nose conveniently breaking the bone. There’s a short howl of pain followed by a small grunt because right about now Seth’s driven the boy into the wall and he’s got his hand wrapped tight in the other guy’s hair.

“Lemme make something real fucking clear, the next time you touch me will be when you’re trying to pry me off you as I strangle the last breath from your body.” The kid tries to fight and meets hard floor for his trouble and Seth’s got that broad tattooed forearm pressed along the back of the kid’s neck and he’s just not letting him up.

“You hearing any of this?”

There’s a muffled protest and well he gets his face driven into the floor and then all protests cease and Seth just waits patiently even taking to drumming his fingers against the back of the other man’s skull.

“I got it,” finally comes when Seth lets him up enough to breathe.

Seth gives a smug smile, releasing his grip on the kid’s hair and even goes so far as to give the kid’s head a few short condescending pats. “That’s a good boy.” He gets off his cellmate and makes himself comfortable back on his bunk, giving a feral smile around the lit cigarette that’s now between his lips when his cellmate turns to glare.

That’s the last time the kid tries anything.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 384

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For theatrical_muse [November 20, 2006]
[ mood | mellow ]


Best fucking time of the day.

I used to hate sunrise, used to hate it with an all consuming passion because it meant getting up and most of the time getting up meant being faced with bars and another couple hundred inmates.

These days however, I appreciate sunrise for the wonderful thing that it is.

See, vampires, they can’t stand the sun and nothing is more beautiful than watching a fanged fucker fry especially when they’ve just taken everything you ever held dear or close to your very heart.

Pretty damn sure me and Kate were done for and going out the way that I’d always intended, fighting until my last breath, but given a choice between that and life then well let’s just say I’d choose to live one day longer.

So there we were, just the two of us, covered head to fucking foot in blood and gore with a shit-load of vampires looking to make happy meals out of us and then the sun comes up and I’ve never seen so many things so fucking scared in my whole entire life. Damn beautiful sight to behold, really fucking beautiful.

Used to hate sunrise but now I appreciate it for what it is and what it can do.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 210

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For elite_muses [November 15, 2006]
[ mood | cynical ]

"The truth will set you free."

Last thing I want to be doing is telling the truth.

I get by on lies, survive by cheating my way through life and looking people dead in the eye and telling them everything they’ve ever wanted to hear. Of course, sometimes I’ll tell the truth but only usually when I want someone to understand the amount of shit they’re in.

Truth is overrated, only worth something when you actually mean it and you ain’t got it wrapped up in about a dozen other half truths.

The only people I know that tell you the truth are kids, well kids that have been lucky enough to be afforded a privilege like that. Other kids, they can lie through their teeth just like I did when the teachers at school asked about the bruises.

The thing about telling the truth, you got to know when to do it and when to hold your tongue. Course I’ve been holding my tongue so long that I don’t think I’d even know truth if it came up and smacked me in the face.

So can this ‘the truth will set you free’ bullshit because all it does is get you into more trouble than you can handle.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 203

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For theatrical_muse [November 05, 2006]
[ mood | complacent ]

"The moral of the story..."

The moral of the story is to never trust a bar in Mexico with the name ‘Titty Twister’.

Everything went to hell the moment we set foot in that place, should have figured it was too good to be true. All that glitters is not always gold, isn’t that what they say?

Things were going alright up until that bitch of a vampire started dancing. Evil attracts evil, figures that my boy Richie would attract the worst of them. Have to admit that trick with the alcohol was pretty damn sexy and it sucked Richie in until he didn’t see what was right there in front of him.

She wasn’t quite so pretty when she had her real face on, let me tell you.

It was round about that time that things got really fucked. Vampires right, left and center; all these beautiful women nothing more than demonic creatures with fangs. I think I’ve seen enough limbs being ripped away from bodies to last me a lifetime and don’t even get me started on the snacking out on necks.

Lost everything I ever held dear in that place, may even have lost some shred of humanity I have left or might have gained some back; it’s hard to tell. All’s I know is my brother died, a girl lost her entire family and as far as I can tell, neither one of us gained a whole lot.

So yeah, moral of the story is never trust a bar in Mexico with the name of ‘Titty Twister’.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 268

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OOC [November 01, 2006]
[ mood | busy ]

Because dea_libertyDea and I are completely insane, we have decided to start our own prompt community. Simply because we cannot get enough of the ones we have and we enjoy writing in this way.

What can we say, we were inspired.

The community is a weekly prompt community with four topics (1 question, 1 quote, 1 picture and 1 word) posted and as always muses are expected to respond once every 4 weeks so it's not that hard to do unless the muses stage a mutiny but that's a story for another day.

Currently we have a few people interested and we feel confident enough in what we consider our groundwork to put it out there for public viewing and hopefully interest.

So if anyone's interested or morbidly curious, it can be located over at muse_channel but please bear in mind we're not launching just yet.

Also I apologise to anyone who might see this several times over.

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For elite_muses [October 20, 2006]
[ mood | amused ]

"Have you ever been cheated on? Done thecheating? Whether cheating on a test in high school or a relationship, write about cheating and its effect."

Hell, I’ve spent my entire life cheating something or other.

Cheated on tests, cheated on girls, cheated my way out of a death sentence and I can’t count the times I’ve cheated some poor sucker out of his money or cheated someone out of the truth.

See, cheating gets you that one step further along than being honest so why the fuck would I waste my breath on being honest?

It’s not like I care about what kind of effect my cheating has on other people because cheating’s a very selfish thing and no one’s ever called me selfless. Except maybe when it’s come to Richie as he’s my baby brother and certain sacrifices have got to be made but I reserve the right to hit him when he’s being a jackass.

I’ve been cheating for as long as I can remember, it’s easy to do when you come from a family that excels at it. Dad was a cheat, momma was a liar and a cheat; it makes reasonable sense for their kids to have a knack for it.

People expect things, and that’s the problem. I say go out into the world with no expectations or low ones, that way you won’t be disappointed and least you won’t set yourself up for a fall.

Everybody cheats; no matter what people might say, everybody does it. From a priest to the schoolteacher at the front of the class and even your parental units because hypocrites are the ones that tell you that you shouldn’t do something.

So yeah I’ve cheated – cheated on a whole lot of things and sure people have gotten hurt and I’ve even gotten hurt but that’s life for you, it’s a bitch and it hurts.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 290

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For theatrical_muse [October 13, 2006]
[ mood | indescribable ]

"What keeps you up at night?"

Depends on where I am.

In jail, it was always the worry that some sorry son of a bitch might get the bright idea that gutting me in sleep was a really good fucking idea.

In the world as we know it, it’s usually watching out for Richie because as much as I love my brother he’s pretty stupid sometimes.

See, Richie, he has himself control issues as in, he can’t at all. He’s just got no on or off switch and I gotta be the one to keep him in check. I’m all about controlled violence but Richie; he just does it and doesn’t stop to think where the fuck he is or what the fuck might happen if he does what he wants to do.

When I’m alone, it’s the thoughts of this could be my last day as a free man.

I mean, we’re on the run, have been since we broke out and you just never know when your time is up and it isn’t like they’re looking to put us away for the rest of our natural lives.

I heard they were trying to get us the death penalty, wonder if the devil is all he’s cracked up to be because if he isn’t then I am sure as hell going to be one really pissed off dead guy.

A lot of things keep me up at night but not a lot of them matter.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 240

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For elite_muses [October 05, 2006]
[ mood | annoyed ]

"Do you believe in destiny?"

The life’s determined before it actually happens bullshit? The stuff that people harp on about when there’s no rhyme or reason to how life’s happening?

Well excuse me if I say fuck no, how dumb do I look? Bear in the mind, the answer could mean the difference between whether or not you wake up in the morning.

Shit happens, simple as that.

There’s no great plan, even if people like to believe that because it makes them feel better. Like this world and all its crap is just one step closer to some great and wonderful finish, talk about living in a fucking dream world.

You’re gonna sit there and tell me that some kid being beaten up their father is meant to happen? Not that I’m an advocate for good behaviour, all things considered, but at the same time I’m proving a valid point.

No way is that shit destined to happen, it happens because this world is filled with a bunch of sick motherfuckers, myself included. People make their beds and they lie in them, saying it’s destiny and not doing a damn thing to change it so you know what, no fucking way.

So to answer your question? No I don’t believe in destiny.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 208

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Application For elite_muses [September 30, 2006]
[ mood | blank ]

Topic 1: Describe a dream you had as a child that has stayed with you.Collapse )

Topic 2: If you could change one thing in history, what would it be and why?Collapse )

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Application For theatrical_muse [September 30, 2006]
[ mood | calm ]


Well lemme tell you, I ain't exactly putting myself out in plain sight, not with the law dogs on my ass.

So here I am, in the middle of fucking nowhere, for the less well educated folks amongst the audience that means Mexico.

You see, I got myself a rep back in the great almighty United States and last time I was in that particular country I was enjoying the finer points of the prison facilities. Nothing quite like a seven foot wide and ten foot long stretch of concrete to make you feel right at home.

Spare me the blank look if you can't grasp the concept of sarcasm.

I'm staying alive because living here is better than being trapped behind bars, I'm no poet but sticking me behind bars is kind of like binding a bird's wings. Society says it's for the best, that I'm a threat and hell I am but when the fuck has society ever known what's best?

People die every goddamn day and I'm no grim reaper but here's the facts, you get in my way or you piss me off then yeah I'm probably going to kill you but it isn't like our justice system understands that because I'm a criminal and I'm best hidden away from all these upstanding folk.

You know what?

Fuck that, I guarantee you some or all of them have skeletons in their closets because everybody's got secrets, some just don't keep them as well hidden as others.

Muse: Seth Gecko
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Word Count: 250

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